Welcome home

Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder, definitely doesn’t disappoint. After traveling who knows how long (literally I don’t know what day it is), it’s amazing to see where I can call home for the next month or so.

Sweet Surrender Personal Photo

A lot of crazy things are happening in Phnom Penh, so our group is headed six hours north to Siem Reap in order to prepare for teaching in peace and safety.

This journey has taught me several things already, one of which is the beauty found in the life of Cambodia. Neighbors are seen bartering, a tire full of air for a tank of gas, as roosters and rat dogs scurry about their feet.

The Lord has blessed this land with a cool spell, along with rain outside of the monsoon season. I have hope that this trend will continue as this “cool” day is beyond warm and humid.

It’s hard to believe I’m actually here. Hearing just a small portion of what we will be doing here, from teaching girls who recently escaped a life of prostitution trade skills to showing children why their culture, and ours, is important, great things are going to happen here.

The beauty of the landscape is much different from what I expected. I’ve always been a Europe person, to be honest; Asia has always been distant in my mind, but boy was I wrong. Sprawling fields house water buffalo and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Drizzling rain is falling, making me feel a little cozier that I probably should being so far from all that I know.

It’s day one and these teammates have already brought me so much joy. I’ve realized how I can find friends anywhere, at any time. The only downfall is the brevity of this tour, but I know these friendships are meant to last.

So here’s to Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Laos. Follow along if you want to hear the way these students change and develop us, while hopefully we do the same to their English skills (mainly because I have no idea what they’re saying with their accents.)


Jeremiah Halbert


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